Grimshaw Group also offer Tennis Court Construction and Maintenance in Gloucestershire and the surrounding Counties. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.
Tennis Court Kits

Through our extensive experience in sports construction we are able to offer Tennis Court Kits to provide all the components to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further information and quotes.

Tennis Posts

All our tennis posts confirm to BS EN1510, they are manufactured to the highest standards and from the highest quality materials. Nets are not included (unless otherwise stated). The main considerations are wether you want ...

Tennis Nets

We are delighted to state that our tennis nets are made in the UK using quality materials. The range starts at 2mm through to 3.5mm. In addition the Championship and Match nets can ...

Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis is the first stage of the tennis pathway in which children (aged 4-10) progress through the Red, Orange and Green stages according to ability. In the process, the court size, racket length, ball speed ...

Tennis Accessories

The extras that make the court, including ball pick up baskets, an umpires chair and moveable fencing.

Tennis Ball Machines

We are pleased to include a select number of ball machines, designed to help you in your quest to improve your skills. If you are interested in a Ball Pickup Basket then please go ...

Tennis Court Maintenance

Essentials for keeping your court playable. There is a direct relationship between how clean a tennis court is kept and the ultimate lifespan of the surface. Leaves, fluff from tennis balls etc. should not ...

Top Tip from Grimshaw Sports TENNIS COURT LINE MARKING
Top Tip from Grimshaw Sports
We recommend that the winder is kept well greased during operation and when in store, as it keeps the winders performing to their optimum capability.