American Football

American Football Goals manufactured in the UK and available in aluminium or steel. International NFL posts as used at Wembley Stadium and Croke Park.


In this section you will find a range of anchorage solutions to suit every environment, ensuring your sports equipment is safe. If you are not sure how many goal anchors you require then please see ...


A competitive range of athletics equipment, from I.A.A.F standard competition hurdles to a practice discus cage ideal for school use.

Boot Wipers

A range of new boot wiper solutions from standard single-person boot wipers, to multi versions for use by up to four persons. Ideal for cleaning muddy boots outside changing rooms and club houses.

Gaelic Football

This fast-paced game from the Emerald Isle is often described as a cross between Football and Rugby. Harrod UK has developed a range of Gaelic Posts available in senior, junior and juvenile sizes and all in ...


Manufactured in the UK, we offer a wide range of golf cages, enclosures and golf netting. Suitable for clubs and practice of all levels.


Competition and Practice Handball Posts are manufactured in the UK, available in aluminium or steel. Handball nets also available.


Hurling is believed to be the world’s oldest field game. When the Celts came to Ireland as the last ice age was receding, they brought with them a unique culture including a game now called hurling. ...


Harrod UK Competition and Practice Lacrosse Goals are manufactured in the UK, available in aluminium or steel. Lacrosse nets also available.


Rounders Poles and Bases are available ideal for use by schools.

Stoolball Wickets

Stoolball is similar to cricket, and played on a 16 yard long pitch. All Harrod UK stoolball wickets are manufactured in the UK.

Table Tennis - Outdoors

Table Tennis is increasingly popular in the UK, with now over 2.4 million players. It is a game for young and old and there have recently been suggestions it could even help with conditions like dementia.

Trolleys and Storage

Transport your P.E equipment from the store to the classroom and back again with ease. We offer an extensive range of mat trolleys ideal for use in educational establishments and leisure centres.