Hockey Accessories and Spares

Hockey Accessories and Spares

Free Delivery to British Mainland excluding Scottish Highlands

Free Delivery to British Mainland excluding Scottish Highlands

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Folding Hockey Target Board

Ref: HA-HOC-058

Folding Hockey Target Board
Folding Hockey Target Board is the perfect training aid for schools, clubs and universities.

Consists of 25mm reinforced extruded aluminium, powder coated yellow, protected by black matchwinner velour carpet.
Boards connected with black aluminium, adjustable friction hinges.
Friction hinges allow sideboards can be set at different angle to make a larger/smaller target as required.
Easily folded for storage, recessed carry handle on the rear of the backboard allows ease of transportation.

Our Price: 340.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Sports Radar

Ref: AP-T34

Sports Radar"Sports Radar"

Sports Radar
Personal Sports Radar

Lightweight, yet durable and designed for easy, personal use.
Gives players or coaches immediate speed measurement for service & other strokes.
Measures up to 150mph & features a bright LED display.
Powered by 4 C batteries & has an automatic 'battery saver' cut out.

Ideal for TENNIS but can also be used for SQUASH - GOLF - FOOTBALL - HOCKEY - CRICKET, etc.

Mains Adaptor is an optional extra.

Our Price: 122.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Add Mains Adaptor 17.00


Olympic Technical Shelter 4.2m x 3m

Ref: HA-SHE-150

Olympic Technical Shelter 4.2m x 3m"Olympic Technical Shelter 4.2m x 3m"

Olympic Technical Shelter 4.2m x 3m
The Olympic Technical Shelter is designed to the highest standards for Olympic and FIH competition use.

• 2.5m High allowing full standing access
• Raised floor made from stainless steel frame and wood floor joists
• Fully retractable front panel for open air viewing of match Water tight when closed fully
• 2 sliding side access doors with clear top panels
• Internal front judge desk and rear storage cabinets with flat surface for accurate hockey stick checks
• Protective front panel made from white composite aluminium
• Made from 50mm square aluminium with bespoke internal extrusions
• 4mm thick clear copolyester side and back sheets
• 2mm clear front sheets
• Aluminium lower side panels for added strength
• Rubber extrusion strips ensure a secure waterproof seal
• Overall width of 4.2m and depth of 3m
• Fully freestanding
• Polyester powder coated white

900.00 kg each

Please CONTACT US for prices

Our Price: 10,020.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Hockey Flip-over Wheel Kit

Ref: HA-HOC-140

Hockey Flip-over Wheel Kit
200mm diameter puncture resistant solid rubber wheels.
Wide wheels allow better weight distribution for easier transportation.
Wheel brackets are designed to be fitted to the welded plate on hockey goal uprights.
Supplied as a set of 4.

17.00 kg per set.

Our Price: 207.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Rubber Wheel Kit for Aluminium Goals

Ref: HA-HOC-141

Rubber Wheel Kit for Aluminium Goals
Cellular rubber puncture proof wheels for aluminium goals.
Supplied as a set of 4.

16.00 kg per set.

Our Price: 277.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


These options are available for all freestanding hockey goals:

Counterbalance Weights - 20 required per set of goals
Heavy Duty Grass Anchor - 4 required per set of goals
Flip-up Style Anchor Socket - 4 required per set of goals
Fence Type Anchor - 4 required per set of goals

All hockey goals must be anchored correctly to conform to BSEN 750

Counterbalance Weight Anchor

Ref: HA-ANC-005

Counterbalance Weight Anchor
The Counterbalance Anchor is suitable for the safe anchorage of freestanding sports equipment on all outdoor surfaces.

Fits on to backbars up to 43mm diameter.
17kg Handbag style weight complete with 3 link galvanised chain, carbine clip and ‘U’ type bracket.
Nut and bolt included for use with aluminium goals.
Polyester powder coated blue.

(For Classic football goals please order HA-ANC-006 which has a larger 'U' bracket).

17.00 kg each.

Requirements per goal:
Hockey - 10.
Full size Football - 6.
Mini Soccer - 6.
Futsal - 6.
Five-a-Side - 4.

Please CONTACT US to discuss discounts for multiple purchases or if you are not sure which anchors you need or how many.

Our Price: 61.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Heavy Duty Turf Anchors Set of 4

Ref: HA-ANC-008

Heavy Duty Turf Anchors Set of 4
For Freestanding Football / Mini Soccer / Five-a-Side Football and other portable games posts.

• Suitable for use on grass surfaces
• Fits on to backbars up to 43mm diameter
• Must be used for hockey goals on very soft ground
• Complete with 3 link galvanised chain, carbine clip and ‘U’ type bracket

56.00 kg per set of 4

Set of 4.

Please CONTACT US to discuss discounts for multiple purchases or if you are not sure which anchors you need or how many.

Our Price: 143.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Flip-up Style Anchor Socket

Ref: HA-ANC-020

Flip-up Style Anchor Socket"Flip-up Style Anchor Socket"

Flip-up Style Anchor Socket
The Harrod UK Flip-up Anchor Socket has been specifically designed for installation on synthetic pitch areas and tarmac.

• Requires installation into a 350mm cube of concrete
• Galvanised steel construction complete with stainless steel top plate and flip-up anchorage point
• Anti-tamper lid produces a flush fit to the surface for optimum safety
• Complete with allen key to prevent unauthorised access to sand trap
• Anchorage point flips up to enable easy attachment of a carbine clip
• Socket only, use anchor HA-ANC-022 for attachment to goal

3.20 kg each

Please CONTACT US to discuss discounts for multiple purchases or if you are not sure which anchors you need or how many.

Our Price: 89.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Add Anchor Chain 54.00


Fence Anchor Chain

Ref: HA-ANC-022

Fence Anchor Chain"Fence Anchor Chain"

Fence Anchor Chain
The Fence Anchor Chain has been designed for attachment to a surround fence, or can be used with the HA-ANC-020 Flip-up Anchor Socket.

• Suitable for use on artificial and 3G surfaces
• Complete with eyebolt, 2 x carbine clips and 3m length of chain
• Extra lengths of chain can be ordered per metre

0.7 kg each

Please HA-ANC-020 to discuss discounts for multiple purchases or if you are not sure which anchors you need or how many.

Our Price: 54.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


PVC Hockey Backboards

Ref: HA-HOC-113

PVC Hockey Backboards
Set comprises of two backboards and four sideboards.
Each backboard is supplied in 3 sections.
Sideboards have a 1.2m runback.
460mm high x 18mm thick reconstituted green PVC sections mounted in a zinc plated steel frame.
Designed to fit Harrod UK goals only.

98.00 kg per set.

Our Price: 825.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Hockey Pitch Divider Pad 3.6m

Ref: HA-HOC-046

Hockey Pitch Divider Pad 3.6m"Hockey Pitch Divider Pad 3.6m"

Hockey Pitch Divider Pad 3.6m
Harrod UK are Sole Suppliers of Hockey Goals, Nets and Dugouts for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Designed for multi-use purpose on and around the hockey pitch.

Use for hockey training to divide one full size pitch in half for small sided games or used to divide up specific areas as required for practice.
Also ideal for shooting practice - one pad will fit inside the goal backboard to protect from repeated low shots in training and the pads can also be positioned to the outside of each post catching any off-target low shots.

Pads can be combined together to create the required length. 16 pads will divide the full width of a hockey pitch.
Manufactured from PVC covered Foam with an internal strip of wood to provide stability.
Pads are long thin sections (3.6m long, 120mm high and 160mm wide) and each pad can be joined to the next via a secure velcro fixing.

4.00 kg each.

Please select the amount you require by ticking the relevant box below before adding to cart.

Single Divider Pad 109.00
Set of 16 Divider Pads 1672.00


Aluminium Indoor Hockey Pitch Sideboards

Ref: HA-HOC-250

Aluminium Indoor Hockey Pitch Sideboards
The 44 sideboards form the sidelines of an indoor hockey pitch.
This product is protected by registered design no. 6004417.
The sideboards reflect true rebound on impact.
The sideboards allow continuous game play.

Bespoke 100mm square aluminium extrusion sideboards with an angled front face.
Polyester powder coated red.
Black PVC on the angled front face protects the aluminium and increases product lifespan.
Rubber feet on the underside helps to grip and protect the playing surface.
Sideboards comply with FIH regulations and offer a tougher and more durable alternative to traditional wooden sideboards.
A set consists of 44 two metre sideboards, including specific end boards.
Electroplated steel joining plates.

Please Note HA-HOC-250 (88m) is regarded as competition pitch size but for other sizes please use product codes HA-HOC-251, HA-HOC-252 and HA-HOC-253 when asking your distributor for a quotation.

HA-HOC-251 Left and right end boards (2m each = 4m in total).

HA-HOC-252 Mid-section board (2m each).

HA-HOC-253 Mid-section board (1m each).

Our Price: 4,678.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Hockey Backboard Protection System

Ref: HA-HOC-048

Hockey Backboard Protection System
Designed as a board protection pad for hockey training session.
During a session the hockey goal can sustain more use than it would in match situations for a whole season. Therefore, the pads are designed to add protection to the backboards and improve the overall lifespan of the goal.
Pads also significantly aids noise reduction.

Made from PVC covered foam and split into 4 transportable sections.
Each pad has Velcro straps for attaching pads to the goal net.

Our Price: 534.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


Olympic Sin Bin Seats

Ref: HA-HOC-074

Olympic Sin Bin Seats
50mm square freestanding aluminium frame.
3 blue injection moulded polypropylene seats.
Polyester powder coated white.
836mm Height x 1451mm Width x 708mm Depth.

Our Price: 426.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)