Team Shelters

Commonwealth Technical Shelter 3 x 2.5m
Commonwealth Technical Shelter 3 x 2.5m Ref: HA-SHE-151
Technical dugout designed to the highest standards for competition use.

2.4m high allowing full standing access.
Raised floor made from a stainless steel platform.
Clear polycarbonate front and sides to allow for complete match viewing with open front.
Water tight when closed fully.
Curved profile.
2 sliding side access doors with clear top panels.
Internal front judges desk and rear storage cabinets with flat surface for accurate hockey stick checks.
Protective front panel made from white composite aluminium.
Made from 50mm square aluminium with bespoke internal extrusions.
Aluminium composite front, back and side panels.
Clear polycarbonate front, back and side sheets.
Overall width of 3.0m and depth of 2.5m.
Fully freestanding
Polyester powder coated white.

Our Price: 7,200.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)