Artificial Cricket Pitches

Artificial Cricket Pitches

If you can't play on grass we can supply artificial surfaces to suit your requirements. Our experience of almost 60 years means we have the knowledge and know-how to solve any requirements you may have.
Free Delivery to British Mainland excluding Scottish Highlands

Free Delivery to British Mainland excluding Scottish Highlands


The 2G Flicx Pitch is a versatile cricket surface solution with various applications and many thousands of pitches being used to help grow the game in the UK and all around the world. Its star quality is its versatility and ease of use. It can be quickly rolled out on top of various surfaces to enable cricket to be played.

This is a great way to increase your club or schools capacity for the game.
Popular applications include:

To convert a grass field into a cricket pitch (either semi permanent or rolled out for each use).
For indoor nets during the winter ie- on a wooden sprung floor / sportshall.
Laid on the outfield to increase your junior capacity.
As a practice wicket to take pressure off your main square.
As a training aid for young players with our 2 coaching designs.
Rolled out on an astro, rubbercrumb or other artificial surface.
For beach cricket, or other promotional matches.
To upgrade a worn synthetic in the nets (at a fraction of the price).

All Flicx Pitches from the 2016 season are made from our new, improved 2G material and are all now manufactured in the UK. Benefits include:

Consistent ball bounce.
Better seam and spin performance.
Universal applications - Indoor/ Outdoor.
Reduction in the surface slipperiness when wet.
New designs in 7 sizes to support the coaching of batting and bowling.
Brighter colours to engage with kids.
Made to order. Design your own 2G pitch with colours to suit PLUS add your club or sponsors logo.
Easier to work with and softer when rolling out.

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Available in sizes:
28m x 2m - Match Pitch XXL (2m)
28m x 1.8m - Match Pitch XXL (1.8m)
22.12m x 2m - Match Pitch XL
22.12m x 1.8m - Extra Length
20.12m x 2m - Match Pitch
20.12m x 1.8m - Match Pitch
18.12m x 1.8m - Colt Match Pitch
16.12m x 1.8m - Junior Match Pitch
10m x 2m - Practice Batting End
10m x 1.8m - Practice Batting End
7.5m x 1.6m - Practice Batting End Junior
4m x 1.4m - Throwdown

2G Flicx Match Pitch

Ref: FL-MP

2G Flicx Match Pitch
The all green traditional design made from the new 2G Flicx Pitch tiles available in 6 different lengths.
The match pitch is most suitable for game play achieving a consistent bounce on a wide range of surfaces.
Just roll it out and play.

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2G Flicx Skills Pitch

Ref: FL-SP

2G Flicx Skills Pitch
The NEW 2G Flicx Skills Pitch is a perfect coaching aid for young players in schools and clubs.
Bowling and Batting targets will help your players achieve a consistent line and length.
Can be used with both hard balls and soft balls on rolled out on any playing surface.

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2G Flicx Eagle-eyed Pitch

Ref: FL-EE

2G Flicx Eagle-eyed Pitch
The NEW 2G Eagle-eyed Pitch imitates the Hawk eye referral system in top international cricket with different coloured tiles illustrating full length, good length and short length bowls to aid training and add an element of fun.
It enhances decision making in stroke play.

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Flicx Home Academy

Ref: FL-HA

Flicx Home Academy
The Flicx Home Academy allows any garden to be transformed into a cricket pitch with the safety of a net to keep a garden intact.
Generally a 7.5m x 1.6 pitch is used, although Throwdowns are also an option.

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Wicket Protection Matting - Length 20.2m

Ref: HA-CRK-047

Wicket Protection Matting - Length 20.2m
1.8m wide long lasting brown fibre matting.
Each length has strongly bound eyeletted ends.
Complete with ground pegs.

55.00 kg each.

Our Price: 490.00
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Top Tip from Grimshaw Sports
Make sure that all synthetic wickets are treated with moss and weedkiller twice yearly and where possible keep them clean to avoid growth of algae moss etc.